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My writing projects are usually smooth sailing except for two tiny glitches:  getting started, and finishing.

Everyone has their own tricks  to get unstuck (shake the dust off your ideas and get started) and stick to it (get finished).  What are yours?  How do we support ourselves to sit in a dark room with just our mind and a computer and create?

I’ll be leading a teleseminar to share these writing secrets. Come to listen and contribute what works for you.

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100
Participant Access Code: 945074#

January 20, 2010 6:30 PM – 7:30

Sign up for this teleseminar if you need to :

• Learn tricks for getting your ideas unstuck–out of your head and onto paper

• Get creative

• Stick with a writing schedule

• Get and give feedback and encouragement

• Establish a structure for fulfilling your goals

• Inspiration

I know one writer who puts on his writing hat.  This says to his family:  “Don’t bother me now, I’m creating!” I know another who recommends putting a little model of a train on the table in front of you, with the engine and cars disconnected. The message: let go of your baggage and write.

What do I need to write regularly? This is what I came up with about squeezing the tube (me) and having the paste (writing) come out.  I need to do at least one of the following:

1.  Hold the space time-wise (like Eckhart Tolle says–9-2PM was the space for his book)

2.  Hold the space place-wise (a clean desk, office, use the same place  if possible)

3.  Compelling idea to write about (some ideas simply appear, usually I have to go find them)

4.  A deadline (my biggest motivator)

5.  An audience–This might be just one person–Stephen King’s audience is his wife.

What gets you unstuck and sticking to it?  Share with others on Wednedsay, January 20.

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