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August 15, 2011.

When we visited Al and David in LA over Bob’s “double nickel” birthday,
Al suggested many events.  We went out to eat, went to the Dodgers
game, and watched Fight Club at night in a park on a 15 foot blow-up
screen, with dinner from gourmet food trucks.

But the family wanted to go sky-diving too.  Jump out of a perfectly good
plane?  I liked the idea in theory, but knew I would be terrified.  Another
option Al suggested seemed like a good second choice:  Trapeze School
on Santa Monica pier.  I had always wanted to try it, ever since I saw
some newscasters on TV doing it.  I figured I was in good shape, running,
biking. I’ve always been able to hang with my hands.

Hanging turned out to be the least of my problems.

Little did I know this would be a lesson in LETTING GO!!

Here is the picture book I made of my experience.

To Fly, You Have to Let Go

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