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If you are like me, your weekends are precious.  They are my time to be lazy and relax, then get off the sofa and straighten up the mess from the week, and get out of the house to exercise and socialize.  In short, time to recharge my batteries and maintain my life.

Is there a better way to recharge and maintain your life than stepping away from it on a weekend retreat?  I don’t think so!  I can remember every weekend retreat I’ve ever attended. ( I certainly can’t remember every weekend I’ve ever had at home!)

I’m excited to be a part of this upcoming retreat on Sept 16-18, 2011 at the Windrise Retreat Center in Metamora, Michigan with master coach Susan Rothfuss.  I am amazed by Susan’s clarity, positive outlook, intuitive ability to understand people, kindness, and desire to help others move into a better future for themselves. I always feel good just being around her.

I’m honored that Susan asked me to lead the writing aspect of the retreat. I am planning that the writing will be as fun and informative as it is easy.  As Susan says, this writing aspect of the retreat is perfect for everyone, even people who dread writing a thank-you note.

Please join us! The registration form is here. To find out more, give Susan a call at 248-295-2536, or call me at 734-646-5985. If you’ve been looking for a way to do something good for yourself, this is it.

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